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We are Rainmakers

We’re a small team of incredibly smart Growth Hackers, Data Scientists and User Onboarding Specialists focusing on scaling user growth, engagement and retention for High Growth Startups in the SaaS, Gaming, eLearning and eCommerce Space. We bring years of experience to the party,we’re not a digital strategy agency, we execute.

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Always Ahead

Staying ahead of the game we bring experience to the table. We assess and implement the most suited Marketing and Analytics stack so you have 100% clarity for data based decision making. The Rainmakers Analytics Dashboard provides founders a 100% transparent view on from CAC, LTV, ARR and everything in between.

We’re Different

Growth Hacking Agency

Focusing on aggressive user acquisition, we find creative ways to hack your organic user acquisition and achieve growth targets. Our results speak for themselves. If you’re looking for linear growth, sure speak to a digital marketing agency to help you out with PPC campaigns – if you’re looking to revolutionise the way you reach your audience at scale then chat to us.

You have this great product that’s working but how will you 10X it?

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Growth Hacking

We're a hybrid of marketers and coders, looking at the traditional question of 'How do I get customers for my product?' and answer with A/B tests, landing pages, viral factors, email deliverability, and Open Graph.

Marketing and Analytics Stack

We start off by defining the appropriate marketing and analytics stack for your Start-up. Implementation is key to accurate metrics in order to make data based decision that fuels your Growth.

Conversion Optimisation

We look at various point of entry to the product and work with you to create various A/B landing page experiments together with optimising all external CTA copy to increase Conversion Rate throughout.


Experts with years of Onboarding experience in the SaaS, Gaming, eLearning and eCommerce space. We lean on years of knowledge to smoothen your onboarding and increase Acquisition.


Leveraging the most appropriate event driven, communication tools we improve engagement of users throughout the product. We ensure the user's expectations are met to stay engaged.


From SaaS to eCommerce, Life Time Value of users is one of the most important Metrics. We ensure Churn is reduced to a minimum by enabling startups to meet expectations before the customer leaves.

Lead Growth Hacker

Werner Geyser

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Lead Growth Hacker

Kirsty Sharman

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Growth Hacker

Alessandro Bogliari

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Multimedia Designer

Laura Robinson

Conversion Specialist

Zachary Hiroji

Full-stack developer

Yaroslav Siryk

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On Average we grow user acquisition by 70% within 90 days.

Grow your Business with Rainmakers

In business, a rainmaker is a person who brings in new business and wins new accounts almost by magic, since it is often not readily apparent how this new business activity is caused. – Wikipedia

Growth Case Studies

Want to know how our clients achieve results like 240% lift in monthly sign ups, or 20x increase in annualised revenue, or #1 rank in the App store for over six months?

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Combining Coding with Marketing

Our team are skilled coders, knowing how to utlise API's and tapping into other people's networks so we can offer you the best distribution possibilities for your Startup. Rainmakers has a unique and refreshing approach to Acquisition.

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Forget about competitors. Focus on your customers.


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