Growth Hacking Case Study – 92,600 visitors in 7 days: how we crashed our client’s servers riding the Pokemon Go superwave

This is a Growth Hacking Case Study that explains, step by step, how we crashed our client’s servers riding the Pokemon Go Wave.  We gained 100,000 users and 400+ quality backlinks in only 11 days. Like most progressive growth teams, we're always on the lookout for different content types and angles to pull in traffic and drive conversions for our clients. One of our weekly brainstorms brought up the idea of a stat counter site, that reflects an...

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Growth Hacking: Examples, Tools and the State of Growth Hacking Globally

[stag_intro]The term growth hacking, and the community driving its widespread adoption have made way for a fundamental shift in the way we think about scaling businesses today. [/stag_intro] Where in the past, marketing and sales were the only teams taking ownership of growth, the focus has now shifted. It’s become clear that real, sustainable growth requires input from all teams, and that the scope of marketing needs to stretch further than just acquisition. The growth movement has taught...

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